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is a family-owned real estate business operating in Nairobi Kenya.

The business is owned by the Pandit family and was founded by the late Mr. Lalit Pandit. The core business of the group companies is property development and management, contracting, project, and facility management.


The group consists of six companies wholly owned by

Mr. Raj Pandit and Mr. Dhruv Pandit

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At FML we believe that the secret of our success is based on the key values of professionalism and ethics.


We are a small business that believes in not cutting corners and more importantly – continuous improvement.

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The Story of our Management Team

Fedha (Management) Ltd (FML) has over 25 years experience in project, construction, property and facility management.

Since it’s inception, the company has grown its skill base in both project management and property management over the completion of multiple projects. As project managers, FML has been involved in construction and sale of over ten major residential projects comprising over one hundred units, a large commercial building, 2 hospitality projects and is currently managing the design, construction, and management of Capital M apartments. As Property Managers FML manages over 180 leases on twelve separate properties, mainly comprised form group companies however the company also serves as the commercial property manager for a multinational bank comprising of 3 commercial buildings within the Nairobi metropolitan area.


As property managers, we bring a fresh and innovative approach to real estate management services, acting as a liaison between the tenants and the landlords. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, flexibility, and great value through operational efficiency. Our staff is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience. We continually expand the knowledge and skills of our staff through training and re-training so as to keep with the current trends and ever-changing business environment with a view of providing superior services to our clients. We aspire to make sure that our clients get the maximum long term returns for their investment and will endeavor to maintain competitive market rents for all the units under our management while working towards ensuring full occupancy rates of the units at all the times. We believe the key to long term returns means ensuring the client (re)invests in the property appropriately thereby delivering the expected value to the purchaser or tenant.

In order to ensure that the company adheres to its belief system, the executive team is supported by a dedicated team:

Mr. Jid Wanjohi is the Company’s Property Manager with over twelve years’ experience gained through the management of prime and prestigious properties in Nairobi more recently with Lloyd Masika. Currently, he is in charge of day to day management of commercial properties including Fedha Plaza, Emperor Plaza, Valley arcade Shopping Centre just to mention a few.

Mr. Cornelius Barasa is the Head of the Maintenance Department which handles all maintenance issues in the properties managed by the company. He has over 15 years’ experience in building repairs, maintenance, and renovations. Under his guidance, Mr. Barasa oversees a team of skilled and experienced electricians, carpenters, plumbers, welders, and masons.

Mrs. Paskalia Walekhwa, our Finance Manager, with the assistance of Anne Ajode, Joyce Nduku, and Catherine Njoroge in the Accounts department ensures that clients' accounting records are appropriately managed as per the existing contract agreement with the client. This includes rent remittances and service charge management to name a few.

Miss Anne Muhoro is our current Relationship Manager and is responsible for onboarding new tenants and managing tenant complaints. Over the last 15 years of her career at Fedha



Mr. Vivek Pandit serves as the company’s Risk and Research Officer. He has a broad array of responsibilities, including Market research, Insurance Analysis, and Special Projects to name but a few.

Project delivery

From the onset of any project,Fedha Group engages an experienced team, consisting of the architects, project engineers and contractors to ensure that project delivery is achieved within the set timeline. This holistic approach alongside the experience garnered over the years ensures that all of our projects achieve what we intend

THe partnerships extend beyond that of merely the construction phase. Upon completion we also partner with other real estate professionals in order to attain maximum occupancy of a building within 3 months

Liquidity and Security

The Group is well capitalised and with the experience of not only our Executive Team but the lending institutions which the Group works with, this ensures stability and offers investors security in the projects we deliver.


The group seeks to endure for decades to come and play their role in developing Nairobi's skyline 


Accumulatively, the Fedha Group has amassed over 30 years of experience in Facilities Management, for both Commercial and Residential projects, along with its Project Management skills.


The culmination of this experience has lead to us partnering with only the best in service providers to ensure quality and value for our clients

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